Our approach to quality

Quality is a top priority at KMIS. We establish a firm base by understanding our clients’ processes, standards and quality guidelines which we then deliver on with consistency and reliability.

Our approach to quality is to make sure that we deliver excellent quality engineering and CAD design services that meet or exceed customer expectations.To achieve this we follow standards and procedures, make sure our resources have the right competence and make it the joint responsibility of everyone at KMIS to deliver on our commitment to quality.

Our approach to information security

KMIS understands that information security is a primary concern for our customers. We can guarantee confidentiality by using a secure design environment where client data can be safely handled.

At KMIS we are fully committed to protect the intellectual property of our customers. We control and manage client information assets by implementing guidelines outlining roles and responsibilities of users and owners to fulfill legal, contractual and regulatory requirements. We work continuously to minimize risks and potential system weaknesses.